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Macromedia ColdFusion 5 combines an intuitive, tag-based language, rich, visual tools, and a proven, reliable Web application server to give you the fastest way to build and deploy powerful Web applications.

Server Technology - At the heart of every ColdFusion application is ColdFusion Server, a powerful Web application server. Adopted by hundreds of thousands of Web developers, ColdFusion Server combines an open, extensible architecture that integrates easily with existing systems as well as built-in application and infrastructure services that help you present information elegantly and achieve the highest level of performance and reliability especially when you combine it with the cheap vps hosting linux that is very helpful.
Development Tools - Macromedia offers two powerful tools for ColdFusion development. For Web developers, ColdFusion Studio provides powerful code editing technology. For Web developers and designers, Dreamweaver UltraDev offers an unparalleled visual development environment. The combined offering, ColdFusion 5 UltraDev 4 Studio, helps you enhance your productivity, ensure application quality, and design sophisticated Web sites by taking advantage of the seamless integration with ColdFusion Server.
Programming Environment - ColdFusion supports a powerful server-side scripting language, ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), that is extremely easy to learn and cleanly integrates with all popular Web languages and technologies. ColdFusion works with multitier architectures through COM, CORBA, and EJB integration. It can also be easily extended with new components created with Java Servlets, Java classes, or C/C++. And thousands of third-party components are available in the Developers Exchange.

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