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Web Hosting Overview

So, you have decided that you want your own place on the Internet. To do this, you need somewhere to host your web pages and the place for this is a web server. Now, to have your web site on a web server you need to go to we hosting provider. Web hosting providers should be thought of as landlords that rent out property. You go to them to rent space for you to host your web site.

As with property rentals there are many options you can choose from whether it's commercial or just a house for your family. The prices of web space range from cheap to very expensive, depending on your requirements.

Choosing the right host can be a daunting task. There is a myriad of services and options to choose from and consider. Seemingly obvious is choosing the host that has everything that you need to get your web site on the Net. And this guide will give you an overview that will equip you with what you need to make that decision.

Domain Names

If you want a web site, you have to have a domain name. The importance of the domain name depends on what you objective on the Internet are. If you are setting up a business on the Internet then it is far more important to have your own domain as opposed to setting up a personal web page.

The domain name is your identity. It's the sign outside your shop, so it's important to choose carefully. To find a .com domain go to http://www.dzinersolutions.com and click on domains. Here you will also find a reference to .co.za domains. It is really up to you whether you go for a country specific domain or a .com. Once you have decided on a domain name it's time to decide on which hosting type you are going to take.

What types of hosting plans are there?

Web hosting plans range from the small personal web page type to large corporate plans. We will now discuss the various types that are on the market today.

Free Non-Virtual Hosting

If you are just looking for a home for your personal web page then the task of finding it a home is much simpler. There are free web hosts that will give you a small amount of space, but under their domain name. By this we mean your domain would read www.newhost.com/~yourcompany/. This is called Non-Virtual Hosting. There are some drawbacks to having hosting of this type and we would suggest you read about this in our Free Host guide.

Free Virtual Hosting

This is another option for those on a tight budget. You will have the cost of the domain name but the space itself will be free. The catch is that you will probably have the hosts banner at the top of your page. Advertising is the means by which the free hosts get some return on their investment. Virtual hosting is compatible with WordPress and others as well.

Virtual Hosting Virtual hosting is where you can host the domain name of your choice. E.g. www.yourdomain.co.za. Depending on how much you are prepared to pay, you will receive certain amount of web space on a server. This VPS web hosting is shared with many other people also hosting their websites. This form of hosting is the most common on the Internet today. It is also the most cost effective way to get a presence on the Net.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is where you rent the entire server yourself. This server is put into a hosting center and connected to the Internet. You will be the only person hosted on this server and can host as many domains as you like. You also have the advantage of installing as many applications as you can afford, like database or mail servers. The downside to this sort of hosting is the cost. It can be very expensive, although there are companies out there that offer some reasonably priced services. Why not try http://www.3stars.net/.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is like virtual hosting but allows you to have more control and run a hosting company yourself. The idea is that larger web companies will resell their services onto smaller companies. These smaller companies then resell the domains and web space onto the end company on behalf of the larger company. Although the end customer has no idea the host he is buying space from is a reseller.

What's the popular type?

Virtual Hosting is by far the most common type of hosting today. You really have the opportunity of creating your own identity and the costs can be quite reasonable and the support can be very good. Pricing can range from as little as R30.00 to R500.00.


Make sure you know exactly what you need before deciding which host to go with. Make sure you have all the services required, like scripting and databases. It might not be advisable to take all the options straight off, but go with the host that allows you to upgrade and add services as your business expands. Another important point is make sure there is some reasonable level of support, especially if you are putting your business on the Net.

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