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Advantages of the UNIX platform.

  • Proven to scale in very large environments
  • Used on various hardware platforms, from workstations to supercomputers

    Mature platform
  • Forms of Unix have been in place for more than 20 years
  • Offer s a variety of software, development toolkits and utilities
  • Plenty of free software available-particularly Internet services
  • Available on nearly every hardware platform (from PCs and RISC systems to mainframes)
  • Managed at a very low level through a character-based interface, making it easy to access all administrative functions remotely
  • X Windows is network-enabled, letting any GUI utilities be accessed remotely
  • Can be implemented in turnkey systems using simple GUI interfaces
    Large-scale directory services
  • Lacks a standard directory service, but products like NIS, NIS+ and DCE directory services integrate closely with the OS and offer Unix-specific schemas by default

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